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The Fluidity of Life and Transition, Gabrielle Lansner brings dance to the screen with The Birch Grove. Story by David Neilsen in
Hook Magazine. Link to article:

Review in Kurier Plus, NY by Kasia Buczkowska

Audience Feedback ...."What beautiful, moving, poetic work she had made! So entranced by the crane moves that danced perfectly with the characters... great casting...amazing how she blended these disparate elements (eg. loose handheld drama with composed choreography) and so seamlessly told a single story... touching material choice too( and the production design wasn't so shabby neither;)!"

Gabrielle is interviewed by Mercedes Kent on Mostly Movies, WRCR:

Review in Polish Daily News by Kasia Buczkowska:

Juror Feedback from the Underexposed Film Festival, Rock Hill, SC....   "Beautiful choreography and camera work.  The dancers are wonderful actors as well.  Rarely have I seen dance so well  interconnected with a narrative.  Simply a stunning film". 


Review: The Birch Grove at Newport Beach Film Festival in Newport Independent Online, by Pamela Diamond

"Infused with an eerie Gothic edginess, Gabrielle Lansner’s “the birch grove” paints a somber yet lovely picture of loss, love, and redemption. There’s a clean, sensitive elegance to both its evocative, emotional movements and beautifully framed scenes."

Review: The Birch Grove at Cinedans in THE441(435)Amsterdam

"XXL. The size you never want to see on your trousers, but you definitely want to see for length of dance film. My favourite of all the categories, each of the three films was beautifully filmed, crafted and considered. Equally as easy on the eye was The Birch Grove a sensitive adaptation of Jaroslaw Iwaszkiewicz’s Polish novel telling of the reconnection of two estranged brothers both struggling with personal loss. Credit to Lonnie Poupard Jr and Matthew Reeves for embodying the very different characters so authentically."

Press for The Birch Grove at Cinedans: Amsterdam

"...These movies you certainly should not miss...
an elegant portrayal of a famous novella (The Birch Grove)..."

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