the birch grove

Saturday March 14, 2015

Cinedans Film Festival
Eye Film Institute
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Cinedans Review-SHORTS XXL - Amsterdam

XXL. The size you never want to see on your trousers, but you definitely want to see for length of dance film. My favourite of all the categories, each of the three films was beautifully filmed, crafted and considered. Set in the luscious woodland of Slovenia. rich use of colour and transforming faces and clothes teach us of the ever shifting circles of life inRivers Return (Joe Vanhoutteghem). Equally as easy on the eye wasThe Birch Grovea sensitive adaptation ofJaroslaw Iwaszkiewicz’s Polish novel telling of the reconnection of two estranged brothers both struggling with personal loss. Credit to Lonnie Poupard Jnr and Matthew Reeves for embodying the very different characters so authentically.

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