A woman travels between her conscious and unconscious self to capture her innocent and uncomplicated childhood relationship with her father. She slips into a dream world where she grapples with loving memories of her past and her conflicted adult psyche. This psychological narrative is told through simple dance sequences, gestures, and Super 8 footage from the 1960's. The imagery and the frenetic camerawork embody her unresolved emotional journey.

Director / Producer, Gabrielle Lansner
Director of Photography / Editor, Kevin Freeman
Choreographer Lansner / McGonagle
Performer Paula McGonagle
Music, Philip Hamilton
Format HD Video & Super 8

Running Time 7:20


Screenings 2010 - 2014

Spectacle, Brooklyn, NY
Kinetic Cinema, Beacon, NY
In The Palace, Varna, Bulgaria
Newport Beach Film Festival, CA
New Filmmakers at Anthology Film Archives, NYC
GAGA Arts Festival, New York
ARTSFEST, Harrisburg, PA
Baryshnikov Arts Center, NYC




Award of Merit for Experimental Film, Accolade Competition


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